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mi′cro·an′a·tom′i·cal (-ăn′ə-tŏm′ĭ-kəl) adj.
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(Biology) relating to microanatomy
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Microanatomical examination of the temporal bones using micro-computed tomography (CT) [14] has revealed that the dimensions of the scala tympani markedly reduce after 450[degrees].
(1989) The microanatomical basis of facial frown lines.
Importantly, cancer cells and host primary cell constituents such as immune cells and stromal cells can form microanatomical compartments within the cancer tissue to regulate metabolic needs, immune surveillance, survival, invasion, and metastasis.
To identify plant particles, diagnostic characteristics included microanatomical epidermal cells including parallel veins, silica, cell size and shape, shape of cell wall, stomata size, stomata shape and orientation, and associated companion cells, shape and number of cells making up the base of the trichome, and the presence of crystals (Metcalfe and Chalk 1950, Metcalfe 1960, Sparks and Malechek 1968).
However, both parameters are a geometrical reduction of complex microanatomical structure which do not lend themselves easily to a description by two straight crossing lines.
Martens et al., "Macro- and microanatomical, histological and computed tomography scan characterization of the nasopalatine canal," Journal of Clinical Periodontology, vol.
Since roots are the first organs to emerge, the explorations on the microanatomical changes in the root initials would be helpful in understanding the mechanism of salinity/sodicity tolerance.
(1976) Microanatomical structure and development of the African elephants' temporal gland.
The findings from the microanatomical features of these unique fibers in S.
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