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A minute life form; a microorganism, especially a bacterium that causes disease. Not in technical use.

[French : Greek mīkro-, micro- + Greek bios, life; see gwei- in Indo-European roots.]

mi·cro′bi·al (mī-krō′bē-əl), mi·cro′bic (-krō′bĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.microbic - of or involving or caused by or being microbesmicrobic - of or involving or caused by or being microbes; "microbial warfare"
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The teams also concluded that arbitrary fishing in the area and disposal of unwanted fish to the sea led to higher levels of toxicity and changes in the chemical, microbic and physical environment, EPA said in a statement tonight.
In some restaurants, there was an Enterobacteriaceae microbic presence on chopping boards of 2.1 per microbial unit, double the WHO recommended safe level.
Soule, "Studies of the effect of sodium azide on microbic growth and respiration," Journal of Bacteriology, vol.

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