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1. A beer or ale brewed in a microbrewery.


(Brewing) a beer made in a microbrewery


(ˈmaɪ kroʊˌbru)
beer brewed in a microbrewery.
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The American craft and microbrew industry is growing at the astonishing rate of 18 percent a year, according to the Brewer's Association.
Microbrew drinkers are more risky when it comes to love: 31% of men who prefer microbrews say they're looking for a fun date, but nothing long-term; they're also the most likely to have had a one-night stand.
Part of our mission has always been to connect our audience with great Northern Michigan events and now it is even easier for people to attend and enjoy this year's Microbrew & Music Festival,” says MyNorth Media president and founder of Traverse Magazine, Deborah Wyatt Fellows.
Passengers can now take Alaskamade microbrew to share with friends and family in the Lower 48.
last week, bringing Hamra hipsters' favorite beverage to the world's most crowded microbrew market.
More information about the European MicroBrew Symposium is available on the VLB web-site, located on the web at: www.
in Fayetteville has been drawing in customers with its Sunday growler to go: half-gallon bottles that customers can purchase for $10 and have filled with the microbrew of their choice for $12, even on Sunday.
This beer tastes like generic microbrew, and that tastes like college.
There are numerous 'brewer's guides' on the market and a few books which cover microbrew history; but AMBITIOUS BREW is one of the most comprehensive titles yet on how big brewers evolved in America.
In the new partnership, O&B will work with TransCon AG on brand development, positioning and marketing for the relaunch of Pony Express and its microbrew brands.
SLO Brewing craft beers is targeting its marketing and distribution to be positioned exclusively as a West Coast regional microbrew, according to United States Beverage, L.
With Brahma Chopp, Skol, Antarctica and a slew of microbrew brands-AmBev will control more than 70% of the Brazilian beer market, the largest in the region and the fourth largest in the world.