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1. A beer or ale brewed in a microbrewery.


(Brewing) a beer made in a microbrewery


(ˈmaɪ kroʊˌbru)
beer brewed in a microbrewery.
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Later, at a Pacific Northwest college and nearer to legal drinking age, I turned my nose up at cheap lagers and dove into the cultured world of microbrews. India pale ales seemed so exotic that they might actually be from India.
Other store features include an expanded cosmetics section showcasing seasonal and on-trend products; a growler fill-spot called "Northwest on Tap" featuring local microbrews; and a Fresh Food Fast Marketplace.
Customers can enjoy complimentary snacks, soft drinks, Starbucks coffee and tea and Northwest wine and microbrews.
Craft beer consumption has been on the rise, with microbrews expanding to cover 5% of the market from essentially nothing only several years ago, according to figures from London-based research firm Euromonitor International.
Travelers will enjoy complimentary soft drinks, Starbucks coffee, Northwest wines and microbrews (for passengers 21 years and older), and A la Cart planeside baggage service.
Stores under this banner feature local food and microbrews, as well on-site bakeries and juice bars.
* Microbrew drinkers are more risky when it comes to love: 31% of men who prefer microbrews say they're looking for a fun date, but nothing long-term; they're also the most likely to have had a one-night stand.
Not only will there be exceptional entertainment, but also the Festival will feature more than 300 flavors of microbrews, wines, ciders, and meads.
Now Two Sisters Bakery offers "a variety of sweet and savory baked goods during the day along with soups and sandwiches on our flesh bread." But in the evening, the bakery transforms into a bistro, serving "Alaskan microbrews on tap and a small but delicious selection of wines by the glass or bottle.
In other words, the type of people who shop at Whole Foods in Massachusetts, where 961 will now be sold, along with other microbrews, geared toward image-conscious, hipster-yuppie-hybrid-consumers.
Another good choice is microbrews, which are healthier than mass- produced cans, because they have more hops.
"Hops Fest started as a tribute to the great, fresh-hopped microbrews of the Pacific Northwest, and that still is the reason that thousands of people attend," said Kerry Cobb, Executive Director of the Hood River County Chamber of Commerce, which puts on the event.