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(ˈmaɪ kroʊˌbraʊ zər)
Computers. a browser adapted for use with mobile phones and other handheld wireless devices.
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The WirelessDMS suite now consists of the following modules: iPad Client; iPhone Client; BlackBerry Client; Microbrowser Module (for eDOCS DM access using WAP-enabled mobile devices); EmailService Module (functional eDOCS DM access via e-mail); and MobileSync Module (mobile eDOCS DM client).
But if we have a microbrowser (terminal) with own IP address and if it is connected to Internet, we can read and set all PLC inputs and outputs from all over the world.
The SoundStation IP 7000 features high-definition voice, with up to 22 KHz of CD-quality audio and a high-resolution display with an XHTML microbrowser for IP applications.
Functionality: The solution is standards-based and uses VoiceXML so companies can integrate the telephony channel with their Web self-service solutions to provide access to the same information over the phone as through a Web or microbrowser. Enhanced management and reporting software allows for centralized management of larger, distributed deployments and enhanced visibility into self-service performance against business metrics.
The co-development work will enable simplified provisioning and support for advanced telephony features like shared line appearance, XML microbrowser plugins and Polycom HD Voice.
Some of the many other features of the Motorola i560 include an internal color display, speakerphone, voice recorder, voice-activated dialing, GPS capabilities and an Internet microbrowser. The airplane mode allows the network signal to be turned off during flight while certain applications such as the date book can be accessed.
Traditionally, this microbrowser could view sites only in HDML, but newer phones can interpret both languages.
(4.) Industry analysts speculate that "[t]he global market for small wireless Internet-capable devices, including handheld computers, basic microbrowser phones, smartphones, and next generation multimedia phones, [will] grow 630 percent by 2005." ACCENTURE INSTITUTE FOR STRATEGIC CHANGE, THE FUTURE OF WIRELESS: DIFFERENT THAN YOU THINK, BOLDER THAN YOU IMAGINE 3 (2001).
For Web access, a handset needs a built-in microbrowser. Many are Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) browsers.
The flexible deployment architecture of the SERP, in combination with Neomar's Enterprise Server and Microbrowser software, enables wireless carriers and ASPs to offer enterprises both fully hosted solutions and enterprise-managed deployments from behind the corporate firewall.
The phone comes with a five-line display and microbrowser that allows clients to surf TELUS Mobility's Pocket Web services.
Alltel is the first carrier to offer the Motorola Code Division Multiple Access phone, which includes an external display for caller ID, a microbrowser and a newly redesigned user interface.