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An extremely small bubble, usually only a few hundred micrometers in diameter, that can be uniformly suspended in a liquid such as blood.
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Miniaturization of ultrasound devices, benefits over the alternative technologies, and favorable reimbursement policies for contrast enhanced procedures are the major factors fueling the growth of the microbubble market across the globe.
In terms of product, the market is categorized into barium, iodinated, gadolinium, and microbubble contrast media.
The last chapter discusses the use of microbubble ultrasound contrast agents, and an appendix offers additional information on system controls.
A microbubble ultrasound contrast agent is widely used as contrast media in ultrasonography, yet it is acts as a cavitation nuclei or enhancer.
Benjamin: You have also done much work on the ultrasound-targeted microbubble destruction technique (UTMD).
Using the microbubble technique pioneered at the breast cancer unit at Maidstone Hospital, radiologists can test for cancer using only a fine needle biopsy.
Acoustic enhancement and stability under ultrasonic conditions were both measured in vitro to determine microbubble performance.
also compile articles that examine nanotechnology applications in cancer, SNP genotyping, magnetic resonance-compatible robotic and mechatronics systems, SQUID-detected magnetic resonance imaging in microtesia fields, ultrasound microbubble contrast agents, acoustic detection of coronary artery disease, and breast CT, among others.
The company's research and development efforts are focused on therapies for stroke and other vascular disorders using its proprietary microbubble technology.
Advances in ultrasonography are also being studied internationally, including the use of a microbubble contrast agent that enhances the intensity of malignant tissue, when compared with benign tissue, Dr.
On the other hand, microbubble sparging is turning out to be an effective alternative for improving the transfer of oxygen in several fermentation studies.
ImaRx's unique SonoLysis technique combines the use of ultrasound and the company's proprietary microbubble clot agent to potentially dissolve vascular thromboses, or blood clots, in a relatively simple, non-invasive procedure.