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A tiny, nonpalpable deposit of calcium in breast tissue that is visible on a mammogram, can be scattered or clustered, and can indicate either cancer or benign tissue changes.
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These scatter-reduced images will be incorporated, for the first time, into a new DBT CAD system to significantly improve the detection of subtle lesions as microcalcification clusters (MCC).
Mammography imaging characteristics differed among breast cancer in different pathological types; the specific performance included irregular boundary of lump, microcalcification, local compact infiltration, structural distortion, nipple retraction, thickening or retraction of local skin (Fig.
Improvement of microcalcification cluster detection in mammography utilizing image enhancement techniques", Computers in Biology and Medicine, pp: 1045 - 1055.
A genetic algorithm design for microcalcification detection and classification in digital mammograms.
Highlighting microcalcification in breast tissue with color images produced by new capabilities for energy analysis - Highlighting contrast agents such as iodine in mammography
Pb group: The photograph indicates a slight tubular necrosis and tubular microcalcification (beginning of lithiasis).
Notably, up to one-third of non-palpable breast cancers can present with calcifications alone, [2] which further highlights the importance of accurate analysis of microcalcification patterns.
Mammography was done with the provisional diagnosis of malignancy and it showed large ill defined heterodense opacity in retro areolar region of left breast with no evidence of microcalcification hence suggestive of likely malignant etiology.
Mammography generally does not demonstrate a distinct mass, spiculation or microcalcification.
Heng-da cheng and Yui Man Lui (12) described a novel approach to microcalcification detection based on fuzzy logic technique.
Radiologically, IPEH is contrast-enhancing and homogenous on computed tomography (CT) or MRI and might contain microcalcification areas.