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(Electronics) a very small cassette tape


(ˈmaɪ kroʊ kəˌsɛt, -kæ-)

a very small audiotape cassette for use with a pocket-size tape recorder.
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Danny's interview yielded seven microcassette tapes' worth of fascinating revelations and Hollywood trivia that included details about Herve's long-running feud with Ricardo Montalban and legendary producer Aaron Spelling (Wallace Langham), his relationships with Roger Moore (Mark Umbers) and Britt Ekland (Helena Mattsson-Ardell) on the set of the 007 flick, as well as those with his manager Marty Rothstein (David Strathairn) and fellow dwarf Billy Barty (Mark Povinelli).
Tenders are invited for contractor shall provide all materials, labor, equipment, tools, permits, taxes and fees to transcribe confidential administrative recording from various media which includes, but is not limited to, digital, mp3, wav, cd, voice recorder, m4a, aiff cassette and microcassette. contractor must also transcribe conference calls in real time as needed.
Interviews were recorded on a microcassette audio recorder and took between forty-five and sixty minutes to complete.
Using the MicroCassette, cells of interest are isolated with high purity and high cell survival.
Imagine the outrage if a transcriptionist kept a doctor's microcassette dictation after he transcribed it to use for his own purposes.
Lo registre en cinta magnetofonica de microcassette el 23 de enero de 1999 en la entrada de la cueva Jolja, localizada en el paraje de Joloniel en el municipio mencionado.
Klein's solo project, Cuddle Formation, has moved from microcassette field recordings to a singer/songwriter setup based on live, sampled loops.
All of the focus groups were recorded with 2 microcassette tape recorders for the purposes of accuracy and clarity.
and instead removes the microcassette filled with his stammering voice
They were warned that threatening or abusive language would not be tolerated, and each pair's conversation was recorded with a microcassette player located midway between them to one side of the tables.
Data were collected via microcassette during 1 to 1.5 hour interviews in participants' homes or places of work.