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The flow of blood or lymph through the smallest vessels of the body, as the venules, capillaries, and arterioles.

mi′cro·cir′cu·la·to′ry (-lə-tôr′ē) adj.
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[30] There have been various studies demonstrating that the MPA device increases venous, arterial and microcirculatory blood flow in the lower limbs, reduces edema and increases TCpO2, thus creating favorable conditions for wound healing.
The PureBMC Supraphysiologic Concentrating System can remove hemolytic oxidative free hemoglobin from its BMC biologic, a toxic substance that causes oxidative stress, loss of nitric oxide, inflammation, immunosuppression, microcirculatory dysfunction as well as significant tissue injury, concluded the company.
Circularity specializes in groundbreaking noninvasive technologies for affordable and portable transdermal delivery systems, and is pursuing regulatory approvals worldwide for device usage as a treatment of disease states related to cardiovascular and microcirculatory blood flow, immunological and autonomic nervous system disorders.
A variety of evidence shows that activated systemic inflammatory cascades and microcirculatory disturbances are the key factors in the pathogenesis of severe acute pancreatitis (AP) and play a major role in the development of multiorgan failure.
NAION is an optical neural lesion accompanied by acute microcirculatory disturbances.
Death is most often from pulmonary, heart and kidney involvement although survival has greatly improved with effective treatment for kidney failure.2 Raynaud's phenomenon and microcirculatory abnormalities are well recognized features of SSc.
During the observation period and between microcirculatory imaging the abdominal wall was closed by surgical clips.
It has been widely used for the microcirculatory disturbance and for the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver dysfunction, renal deficiency and vascular complications of diabetes (Han et al., 2008).
Pentoxifylline has been reported to have an ability of increasing erythrocyte flexibility, reducing blood viscosity, and increasing microcirculatory flow [12, 13].
Yet, the relationship between vasopressors and the degree of cerebral microcirculatory support achieved remains unclear.
Mikrovaskuler direnc, termodilusyon [index of microcirculatory resistance, (IMR)] veya Doppler [hyperaemic microvascular resistance, (HMR)] yontemi ile olculebilir.