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n. pl. mi·cro·cop·ies
A greatly reduced photographic copy, usually reproduced by projection.


n, pl -copies
(Photography) a greatly reduced photographic copy of a printed page, drawing, etc, on microfilm or microfiche. Sometimes called: microphotograph


(ˈmaɪ krəˌkɒp i)

n., pl. -cop•ies.
a microphotographic copy, as in microfilm or microfiche.
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Verb1.microcopy - photocopy printed or other graphic matter so that it is reduced in sizemicrocopy - photocopy printed or other graphic matter so that it is reduced in size
photocopy, xerox, run off - reproduce by xerography
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Furthermore, micrographs from scanning electron microcopy revealed the damaging effects of extracts on cell morphology as blebs, indentation and complete lysis at 0.
For more than a century, polarized light microcopy has provided submicroscopic structural signatures of label-free molecular assemblies in living organisms and tissues.
Rasnow explained in his talk, automated microcopy in hypoxic environments can yield substantially different results than similar experiments performed under 02-saturated conditions.
It also consist of strong, deep and detailed understanding of HTML and how to appropriately markup text, pictures, charts, graphs, data, microcopy and metadata using HTML in a semantically correct way.
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