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Having a crystalline structure visible only under a microscope.

mi′cro·crys′tal n.
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(Chemistry) an extremely small crystal that can only be seen through a microscope
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(ˈmaɪ krəˌkrɪs tl)

a microscopic crystal.
mi`cro•crys′tal•line, adj.
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Genetic Origin and Diagenetic Transformation of Calcite Microcrystal Textures in Limestones.
4c) of ZnO samples revealed that the samples were uniform, dumbbell-like structured microcrystals. The surface of this kind of ZnO microcrystal is smooth and its length is up to 0.8 um.
Pseudogout is, however, caused by a different inflammatory microcrystal, calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate (CPPD) crystals [45].
Id) reveals the hexagonal morphology of a single LDH microcrystal. The measured lattice spacing is 0.23 nm (Fig.
While pouring over Vogue Paris, I discovered Dior's latest Line of Lightweight and moisturizing microcrystal glosses, complete with a promise to deliver a "sheer wash of catwalk color" for a perfectly sexy summer pout.
Deposition of conducting polymers on fiber surface of fabrics, such as xylan [9], cotton [10], bacteria cellulose (BC) [1], cellulose microcrystal (CMC) [11], and cellulose derivatives [12-14], has been widely investigated in the last few years due to its importance in emerging technologies.
Table 3 shows the output characteristics of the microcrystal sidewall silicon solar cell of mechanism (D) based on different masking conditions (the given code number for each side is shown in Figure 3).
Calcium hydroxyapatite microcrystal is a natural extract of bone calcium.
The measurements were made on thick sol-gel fabricated films, a fabrication procedure favoring microcrystal formation [4], cooled in a [sup.3]He-[sup.4]He dilution refrigerator reaching temperatures as low as 6 mK.
The MIRDC predicts that making car coating and paints incorporated with nanomaterial will become a trend-setting technology in the global surface treatment industry, adding that such materials in nano-dimensions have special, value-added morphological features than in microcrystal sizes, and are hence being extensively researched for different applications.
Tanaka Denshi Kogyo, succeeded in the practical implementation of copper wire for power devices by using its special processing devices and annealing devices to enable the uniform placement of microcrystal particles, which had been difficult in simple copper wire processing.