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1. Biology A small-scale culture of microorganisms, cells, or tissues.
2. Sociology The distinctive culture of a small group of people within a limited geographical area or within an organization such as a school or business.


1. (Biology) the experimental growth of a very small number of microorganisms
2. (Biology) a very small group of microorganisms grown experimentally


(ˈmaɪ kroʊˌkʌl tʃər)

the culture of a group living within a limited geographical area.
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Each microculture consisted of three cultural-behavioral lineages (called LI, L2, and L3) whose participants were replaced according to the design described below.
1989) Division and differentiation of isolated CNS blast cells in microculture.
The microculture tetrazolium method was used to analyze the inhibition of the cell growth rate.
The laccase was able to detoxify the cytotoxicity of the synthetic dyes against Caco-2 and fibroblast cells, which determined using a microculture tetrazolium assay (MTT) method.
The material was also put to culture in Sabouraud Dextrose Agar and subsequent slide microculture.
Objective: This project will demonstrate the technical and commercial viability of the MESOTAS-SIEVE bioreactor, a novel 3D brain-on-chip microculture system.
were isolated, and the microculture technique was used for identification, which was based on the macroscopic and microscopic aspects of the vegetative and reproductive structures of the colonies, in accordance with Singh, Frisvad, Thrane and Mathur (1991).
Fungal identification was based on culture appearance and microculture characteristics [5].
With an eye on familiar aesthetics, materials, lifestyles and appetites that celebrate the unique history, geography, and microculture of the colonial destination town -- which sits 30 minutes east of the Everglades and 10 minutes off the Gold Coast -- the project is a case study in mixed-media perfection.
Similarly, as Chinoys, we have our fair share of traditions and idiosyncrasies that make up a Chinoy microculture.