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An extremely sensitive densitometer used to measure optical densities of photographic plates or film to detect small details, such as spectral lines invisible to the human eye.
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Figure 3 shows a homemade computer-controlled microdensitometer (T.
On 1963 Nov 28, almost one lunar month later, for 75 minutes, four observers at the same telescope under similar viewing geometry and mostly 'excellent seeing conditions (excellent seeing conditions confirmed later by microdensitometer scans of film taken during the reddish TLP episode) observed three further reddish TLP events:
1999), atomic emission spectrography (AES), calibrated to international standards with low background limits, was used to measure 13 elements of < 1 mm size fraction of each sample and the spectrum lines were deciphered by microdensitometer DM-100.
The density of the image on the photographic plate was afterwards measured with a microdensitometer. This gave a considerable improvement in accuracy, to the 1% to 3% level.
Flow cytometry has the advantage of being faster and less labor intensive than other methods of DNA content estimation, such as the microdensitometer technique and cytological chromosome counts.
After fixation of the gel, quantification is performed by a high-resolution integrating microdensitometer. Variants such as Hb Pavie ([alpha]135Val[right arrow]Glu) (24), Hb Hafnia ([beta]116His[right arrow]Gln) (25), and Hb Fontainebleau ([alpha]21Ala[right arrow]Pro) (26) comigrate with [HbA.sub.1c] on IEF gels and can cause spuriously increased readings.