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n. microgotero, un instrumento para administrar una cantidad precisa pequeña de una sustancia por medio intravenoso.
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The investee companies selected for this project include Pharmagen, a company which provides access to safe drinking water in urban areas; MicroDrip, a company that distributes low-cost drip irrigation technology to small-holder farmers; and SRE Solutions, which installs off-grid solar energy systems in rural communities.
Training is offered to beneficiaries of the microdrip systems in order for them to maintain the equipment and know how to grow and harvest their crops at the right time.
Microdrip irrigation systems, micro drippers and sprinklers apply water exactly where needed.
He also designed the precision microdrip administration device that prevented the over-medication of countless numbers of infants.
Care was taken that microdrip IV tubing not be used in this system since the microdrip chamber did not allow free drainage of CSF.