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Noun1.microeconomist - an economist who specializes in microeconomicsmicroeconomist - an economist who specializes in microeconomics
economic expert, economist - an expert in the science of economics
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Fang is an applied microeconomist with broad theoretical and empirical interests.
My professional, peer-reviewed work on veterans' health, school shootings, discrimination against LGBTQ individuals, the opioid crisis, and the minimum wage are a more accurate representation of my more than 14-year career as an applied microeconomist," said Sabia in a statement to CNN, which broke the story.
Simon is an applied microeconomist with specific expertise in using econometric techniques to analyze complex business issues.
1-2), but to a microeconomist, the financial system (and especially its banking component) is helpful in resource allocation and transformation of financial contracts and securities in the broadest and versatile sense of the word (Freixas & Rochet, 2008, p.
Goldberg, a Greek and US national, brings an impressive track record as a leading applied microeconomist, widely cited for her research on developing countries--including the effects of trade on inequality and firm productivity, profits and innovation, and enforcement of intellectual property rights.
All of the nonsense that is being written on stakeholder's theory is enough to convince a microeconomist to become a political scientist.
As an expert microeconomist, William Massy approaches the challenge of reform by applying rigorous economic principles--informed by financial data and other evidence--to explain the forces at work on universities and the flaws in the academic business model.
Baumol shows that business practices can be a fertile source of the analytical toolbox of the microeconomist and that, in turn, the theorist's rigorous tools can contribute to more effective solutions to applied business problems.
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said the microeconomist's work had been a major influence on policy making, helping for example to determine how different social groups are affected by specific changes in taxation.
Caroline Hoxby noted that to a microeconomist, taking the central tendency of estimates seems quite unnatural.
Mary is an applied microeconomist who uses regression analysis as her primary analytical tool to research a wide variety of issues including labor, real estate, education, and taxes.
Microeconomist David Friedman explains the underlying theory (p.