trace elements

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trace elements

Chemical elements needed by plants in very small amounts (also known at micronutrients).
مَقادير أساسِيَّه قَليله
stopové prvky
stopové prvky
belirtisel öğe


(treis) noun
1. a mark or sign left by something. There were traces of egg on the plate; There's still no trace of the missing child.
2. a small amount. Traces of poison were found in the cup.
1. to follow or discover by means of clues, evidence etc. The police have traced him to London; The source of the infection has not yet been traced.
2. to make a copy of (a picture etc) by putting transparent paper over it and drawing the outline etc. I traced the map.
ˈtracing noun
a copy made by tracing. I made a tracing of the diagram.
trace elements
elements that are needed in small quantities for the growing and developing of animal and plant life.
ˈtracing-paper noun
thin transparent paper used for tracing.
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Tea has come across as a drink that enhances energy levels, boosts metabolism and is high in vitamins, food fibers, minerals and microelements.
Active ingredients of HS consist of humus, humic acid (HA), fulvic acid (FA), ulmic acid, and some microelements (Senn and Kingman, 1973).
Yew Bio said the new health supplements enable body functions to absorb microelements and bio-activators and make full use of the nutrition and medicinal value from black fungus.
Depositions of macro- and microelements from atmospheric emission of oil shale ashes in northeastern Estonia.
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including grades containing microelements and niche grades of NPK
As can be seen from Tables 1 and 2, there is a wide variation in mean concentration of macro- and microelements in the white lupin samples (both in the raw and processed seeds) and there is also some variation in most of the elements along with geographical location.
Red Sea salt is rich in essential minerals and microelements that are vital to well-being.
Today, the Kyrgyzstan's market provides only 7% of flour enriched with microelements.
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