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tr.v. mi·cro·en·cap·su·lat·ed, mi·cro·en·cap·su·lat·ing, mi·cro·en·cap·su·lates
To enclose in microcapsules.

mi′cro·en·cap′su·la′tion n.
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Elixinol announced that it has acquired the intellectual property rights over microencapsulated technology developed by Bionova.
The beverage ingredients are microencapsulated in the printed form inside the cups.
Tenders are invited for procurement of fragrance of the microencapsulated inks - 04 varieties
The various advantages of microencapsulated PCMs are avoiding leakage of organic materials during a melting process, reduction of volume changes during phase transition, growing heat-transfer area, and decreasing reactivity with the outside environment.
Among their topics are in-situ observations to improve the analysis of the scratch damage of coated polymeric surfaces, polymer composites for tribological applications in a range between liquid helium and room temperature, self-lubricating and self-healing behavior of polymer matrix composites functionalized with microencapsulated chemicals, tribological studies of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene thin coatings on a silicon surface, and tribological aspects of polymer-based flexible electronic materials: from manufacturing to end-use applications.
HORN distributes best-in-class specialty ingredients and raw materials including specialty oils, botanical ingredients, starch, lecithin, specialty silicates, cosmetic actives and high quality sensorial ingredients, fragrance, natural butters, oils, antioxidants and waxes, microencapsulated actives, rheology modifiers, specialty fluids, dispersions, blends, copolymers, emulsifiers, film formers and micro-powders, sensory and texture enhancers, visual effects, specialty effect pigments and visually stimulating delivery aids.
The model of microencapsulated tumor cells is a short-time, simple, and relatively inexpensive assay.
Viability and cell death of free and microencapsulated cells (0.2 x [10.sup.6] cells/ 1 mL/24-well plate) were analyzed using fluorescein diacetate (FDA) and propidium iodide (PI) for the staining of viable and dead cells, respectively, as previously described [24].
Similar to the effects observed in maize growth following application of oil-formulated neem extract, lignin microencapsulated neem extract did not affect maize growth, and all rates of the neem extract were similar to fipronil WG.
has agreed to acquire the Micronal phase change materials (PCM) business of Germany based BASF as well as an exclusive license for the manufacture of Micronal microencapsulated PCM, the company said.