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 (mī′krō-ĕn-vī′rən-mənt, -vī′ərn-)
1. A small, often distinctive environment: microenvironments of the forest floor.
2. The area directly surrounding an organism or part of an organism, especially when it differs from the larger environment: the tumor microenvironment.
3. The immediate conditions or circumstances: a company's microenvironment.


(Environmental Science) ecology the environment of a small area, such as that around a leaf or plant


(ˌmaɪ kroʊ ɛnˈvaɪ ərn mənt, -ˈvaɪ rən-)

the environment of a small area or of an organism; microhabitat.
mi`cro•en•vi`ron•men′tal (-ˈmɛn tl) adj.
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The advance will allow biomedical scientists to study the functioning of an individual's intestinal lining in a controlled microenvironment, where the lining can interact with immune cells, blood cells and drugs, said Robert Barrett of the Regenerative Medicine Institute.
M2 PHARMA-December 15, 2017-Bristol-Myers Squibb Granted Exclusive License by Ono Pharmaceutical for Multiple Programs Targeting Immuno-Suppressive Factors in the Tumor Microenvironment
Macrophage Pharma's Esterase Sensitive Motif (ESM) technology enables delivery of novel, small molecule drug candidates to tumor associated macrophages in a selective manner to reverse immunosuppression established in the tumor microenvironment, and could progress to provide a next-generation immunotherapy with broad utility in oncology.
They discuss general principles of evolution and ecology as they apply to cancer, the molecular mechanisms that underlie genetic heterogeneity within tumors, roles of the microenvironment and spatial heterogeneity within tumors that provide selection pressures and drive the coevolution of cancer cells with their microenvironment, and examples of how to incorporate novel technologies such as liquid biopsy into clinical practice to detect and monitor tumors during treatment.
The therapy blocks suppressor cells and activates anti-tumour effector cells, transforming the microenvironment of the tumour.
The combination phase of this ongoing Phase 1 study in patients with advanced solid tumors will explore the potential of combining these two agents to drive improved and sustained efficacy and tolerability above the current standard of care by targeting the immune-suppressive cells in the tumor microenvironment.
4,5) According to the current study, the microenvironment surrounding the tumor may also have a role.
This new platform utilizes microfluidic technology, which produces a realistic cell culture microenvironment.
We found that fetal MuSCs remodel their microenvironment by secreting specific proteins, and then examined whether that same microenvironment can encourage adult MuSCs to more efficiently generate new muscle.
However, the application of RT is limited by the acquisition of radioresistance in cells, conferred by the tumor microenvironment.
The compound works by changing a tumor's microenvironment.