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An extremely fine synthetic fiber that can be woven or knit into textiles with the texture and drape of natural-fiber cloth but with enhanced washability, breathability, and water repellancy.


(ˈmaɪ kroʊˌfaɪ bər)
a very fine polyester fiber, weighing less than one denier per filament, used esp. for clothing.
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The latest collection hails microfiber as their wonder product.
Researchers estimate that there is about one microfiber per liter of water in the Hudson.
That includes those ever-popular microfiber cleaning and dusting cloths.
Since the initial launch in 2013, we have continued to expand our portfolio of Eastman Cyphrex microfiber products.
Clorox ScrubSingles beat out a flax-based industrial towel and a microfiber wipe, for the innovation award at the 2015 World of Wipes conference, held in Atlanta, GA.
In this process, microfiber nanostructures are welded with solution welding agents and they have created a phenomenon called direct nano-welding of cellulose fibers.
Taking 10 minutes as part of a postflight to clean fresh bugs off requires less work and less sophisticated cleaning products than attacking them once they've been in place for a few days--water and a damp microfiber cloth will usually be adequate.
Each package provides a heated microfiber steering wheel, microfiber suede gear lever and heated front seats.
The patented Draco Deep Cleaning Hand Pads utilize a deep scrubbing foam on one side of the hand pad and a split microfiber on the other.
Soft fibers were also prominent, with microfiber leading the way in a number of new designs.
As a result, microfiber rollers in both traditional and miniature sizes, brushes with natural bristles and stiffer polyester and nylon brushes are all expected to be good sellers in 2013.
The best way to keep a tablet screen clean and free of fingerprints is to have a microfiber cloth handy.