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Any of the actin-containing filaments that are found in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells and are involved in generating cell movement, providing structural support, and organizing internal cell components. Microfilaments, along with intermediate filaments and microtubules, make up a cell's cytoskeleton.

mi′cro·fil′a·men′tous (-mĕn′təs) adj.
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(Biochemistry) thin filament, composed of the protein actin and associated proteins, that occurs abundantly in muscle and in the cytoplasm of other cells
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(ˌmaɪ krəˈfɪl ə mənt)

a tubelike protein structure that is involved in cell movement and changes in cell shape.
mi•cro•fil•a•men•tous (ˌmaɪ kroʊˌfɪl əˈmɛn təs) adj.
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Today, it offers polypropylene SMS type of fabrics for medical/surgical gowns and robes, polypropylene spunbond and meltblown for face masks, Aqualace (parallel-laid spunlace) fabrics for surgical swabs, Mopet (100% polyester spunbond) for blood filtration and various qualities of its Madaline fabric (PET/PA6 microfilament) for medical packaging and medical clothing.
As far as micro-vascular complications were concerned, neuropathy was assessed by microfilament examination, nephropathy by the presence of micro-albuminuria or frank proteinuria, and retinopathy was assessed by detailed fundoscopic retinal examination.
Their general and systemic examinations were carried out including blood pressure levels, peripheral neuropathy with microfilament, paleness, signs of fluid overload like pedal edema, periorbital puffiness, pleural effusion, and ascites pointing to nephropathy.
The role of BPAG1 is to connect the intermediate filament, microtubule, and microfilament cytoskeletal networks with each other and to cell membrane sites.
We document the significant alterations in microtubule and microfilament networks in MDA-treated cells, which is consistent with its suppression of cortical cytoplasm motility, the loss of cellular contacts, and increased permeability to macromolecules.
[32] showed that chlorpromazine did not induce obvious cell shape changes in astrocyte cultures but it clearly changed the distribution of Cx43, and this distribution was based on changes in the state of microtubules and microfilament. In agreement with this viewpoint, we analyzed the distribution of Cx43 and unchanged expression of MAPRE1 under normal and IR/OGDR conditions.
Thanks to the microfilament structure, the impregnation remains stable over the product lifetime to ensure constant liquid release.
Because mRNA expression for Apc, Espn, Cdh2, and Vim was unchanged at E21.5 after DBP exposure (Figure 4), we presume that the DBP-induced microfilament changes resulted from protein redistribution, although DBP-induced protein degradation and/or translational regulation cannot be excluded.
For the oriented composites, the in-plane conductivity in the microfilament direction (LD) was at least an order of magnitude higher than that in the TD, indicating anisotropic conductivity.
Peripheral neuropathy was assessed by thermal threshold testing for hot and cold in the left foot (Thermal Threshold Tester; Medelec, Old Woking, Surrey, UK), vibration threshold in the left medial malleolus and left great toe (Biothesiometer; Biomedical Instrument, Newbury, OH), and microfilament test.
substantiated that CD2AP regulates TGF-[beta]1-dependent translocation of dentrin from the SD to nucleus and functions as a gatekeeper for reorganization of the podocyte microfilament system and consequent proteinuria [10].