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n. pl. mi·cro·fi·lar·i·ae (-ē-ē′)
The minute larval form of a filarial worm.

mi′cro·fi·lar′i·al adj.
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(Zoology) relating to, or emanating from, microfilariae
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The larvae were confirmed by modified Knott's technique and it is a sheathed microfilarial worm (Fig.
Microfilarial density was measured by examination of Giemsa-stained thick blood smears prepared from 100 [micro]L of blood.
describe the first application of the moment closure equation approach to model the sources and the impact of this heterogeneity for microfilarial population dynamics [9].
The microfilarial rates among the major ethnic groups were 4.2%, 6.8%, and 5.7% for the Chinese, Indian, and Malays, respectively [14].
repens microfilarial infections, while other species only develop amicrofilaremic infections [15,27,28].
It's also the standard treatment for infection by a microfilarial worm that can cause elephantiasis, a grotesque swelling of the lower limbs.
The biting cycle of Culex pipiens fatigans on man in Rangoon, Burma, and the microfilarial periodicity.
In our view careful screening of cytological smears should be done for detection of coexistent microfilarial infestation with benign or malignant conditions so as to reduce parasitic burden and to provide accurate treatment.
Loa loa is transmitted by Chrysops species horse flies and causes loiasis with high microfilarial burdens, angioedematous or Calabar swellings as worms migrate subcutaneously, and adult worms traversing the eyes in 3 to 13 million people in confined areas of sub-Saharan Africa (Figure 1).
Most importantly anti-microfilarial immunity in human lymphatic filariasis though believed to operate through antibodies to the microfilarial sheath, the presence of anti-sheath antibodies in hydrocele fluid has not yet been studied.
In this study, six species of Haemoproteus, seven species of Plasmodium, an unidentified species of Leucocytozoon, and an unidentified microfilarial species of genus Paronchocerca were reported in wild birds from different sites of Bangladesh.
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