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 (mī′krō-găm′ēt′, -gə-mēt′)
The smaller of two conjugating gametes in an anisogamous organism.


(Biology) the smaller and apparently male of two gametes in conjugating protozoans. Compare macrogamete


(ˌmaɪ kroʊˈgæm it, -gəˈmit)

the smaller cell, considered as the male, in the reproduction by conjugation of unlike gametes.
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The microgamete (male gametocyte) fertilizes the macrogamete (female gametocyte) in the intestinal cells to form zygotes (fusion of gametes).
Pollen development in glyphosate-treated plants was apparently inhibited or aborted at the vacuolate microspore and valcuolate microgamete stages of microgametogenesis and resulted in immature pollen at anthesis.
Microgamete Male gamate of Toxoplasma; the smaller of two gamete.
Further studies on this pollen using electron microscopy have reported that pollen from glyphosate-treated GR cotton plants was aborted at the vacuolate microspore and vacuolate microgamete stages of microgametogenesis, resulting in immature pollen at anthesis (Pline et al.
Extracellular macrogametes and microgametes may be seen after erythrocytic lysis.