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The male gametophyte that arises from a microspore of a heterosporous plant. In seed plants, the microgametophyte is contained in the pollen grain.
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Noun1.microgametophyte - the male gametophyte produced by a microsporemicrogametophyte - the male gametophyte produced by a microspore
gametophyte - the gamete-bearing individual or phase in the life cycle of a plant having alternation of generations
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In some species, this binucleate microgametophyte is the mature pollen.
Postpollination effects on seed paternity: mechanisms in addition to microgametophyte competition operate in wild radish.
The poorly understood events starting at pollination and terminating at fertilization involve complex and harmonious interactions between the microgametophyte and the pistil.
There are not many reports on the size of microgametophyte populations within pistils of naturally pollinated flowers, but considerable interplant variation has been shown on occasions (Levin 1990, Niesenbaum 1994).
bears several pairs of sperm per microgametophyte. Up to 16 sperm have
Absence of the micropyle might have contributed to sterility since it is through the micropyle that the microgametophyte enters the megagametophyte.