microglia cells

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mi·crog·li·a cells

, microglial cells
n. células de microglia, pequeñas células intersticiales migratorias que pertenecen al sistema nervioso.
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This research and development agreement with Professor Adrian Thrasher's clinical research group at UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health will develop synthetic tissue-specific promoters for use in the specialised cells of the immune system including lymphoid, myeloid, and microglia cells.
By simply increasing the dosage, the absolute concentration does increase, but also activates the microglia cells in the brain and causes adverse effects.
The new protocol provides a new source of human microglia cells, which can be generated from disease patient samples and will complement studies in mouse models to better understand the role of microglia in health and disease.
LNE effectively decreased LPS-induced NO production in BV2 murine microglia cells in a concentration dependent manner.
T lymphocytes those were extracted and purified from the spleens were then co-cultured with activated BV-2 microglia cells at a proportion of 1:2 in the medium containing MBP for 3 days.
A drug used to block the production of these microglia cells in the brains of mice had a positive effect.
22) Within the CNS, microglia cells are the main target of IL-33, which induces microglia proliferation, phagocytosis, and the secretion of inflammatory cytokines and chemokines.
Earlier studies involving aromatic turmerone found that it prevented the activation of microglia cells, which trigger neuroinflammation associated with various disorders.