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An image of an object made by means of a microscope.

mi′cro·graph′ic adj.
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Spencer has special interest in skin cancer detection and removal, including Mohs micrographic surgery.
Cryosurgery, electrodessication and curettage, C[O.sub.2] laser destruction, surgical excision, Mohs micrographic surgery, radiation therapy, topical therapy such as 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and imiquimod (Aldara), intralesional interferon, and photodynamic therapy are used to treat BCC.
The remaining 39 chapter present evidence-based instructional discussion of essential surgical skills, aesthetic surgical procedures, and special procedures (including nail surgery, leg ulcer management, and Mohs micrographic surgery).
SAN DIEGO -- None of 59 patients with lentigo maligna and 13 with lentigo maligna melanoma treated with a modified Mohs micrographic surgery technique developed local recurrences over 351 months of follow-up, Dr.
Sax is a specialist in Mohs micrographic surgery, a meticulous step-wise technique to remove several types of common skin cancers, including basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.
The current, standard treatment for basal cell carcinomas is complete surgical removal using Mohs micrographic surgery.
CSIRO launched the Vectorgram in 2002; this improved foil-based OVD features pixellated or track based images, with pixels at 30 x 30 microns, and it can incorporate hidden micrographic and macrographic images.
Minolta has announced its new MS 6000 and MS 7000 scanners, which allow micrographic users to transmit microfilm or microform images directly to a PC or to a dedicated high-speed printer for final output.
Cancer recurrence following Mohs micrographic surgery: A mechanism of tumor persistence.
CLINICALLY SIGNIFICANT BLEEDING EVENTS occurred in two elderly men who were taking ibrutinib and underwent Mohs micrographic surgery for squamous cell carcinomas, Cindy E.
Sax has received additional training in Mohs micrographic surgery, which is a tissue-sparing surgical technique for removing skin cancer with high cure rates.