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1. The very slight gravitational field experienced by a mass that is far removed from any other mass, as in intergalactic or interstellar space.
2. A condition, such as a free fall or orbital motion, in which acceleration of an object causes it to appear weightless even in the presence of a strong gravitational force.
3. A minute shift in the earth's gravitational field that can occur through geologic processes in a region, such as the movement of the earth's crust along fault lines.
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(Astronautics) the very low apparent gravity experienced in a spacecraft in earth orbit
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(ˈmaɪ kroʊˌgræv ɪ ti)

a condition, esp. in orbit, where the force of gravity is so weak that weightlessness results.
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[ˌmaɪkrəʊˈgrævɪtɪ] Nmicrogravedad f
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Table 1 details the changes in values in length and width of the unpressurized left ventricle determined in the FEM analysis for both the microgravity and Earth's gravity states.
Scientists will take advantage of the space station's microgravity environment to study the properties of non-embryonic stem cells.
(madeinspace.us) are working together on what they're calling the first 3-D microgravity printing experiment, to be tested on the International Space Station.
Through the program, a team of Monty Tech science students developed an experiment proposal, focusing on whether bacteria causing tooth decay produces more rapidly in microgravity than on earth.
An experiment designed to reveal protective strategies against bone loss for astronauts during extended exposure to microgravity was performed on Atlantis' final mission.
Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology have been working since November, testing various recipes in their microgravity "drop tower," which simulates space conditions, in search of the perfect brew.
Using a special microgravity environment that Earth-based laboratories cannot replicate, researchers will explore fundamental questions about important health issues, such as how bones and the immune system get weak.
(3-5) To meet the requirements for microbiological research in a microgravity environment NASA developed a rotating wall vessel (RWV) that created a low-shear force environment for culture of tissue cells and bacteria that mimicked the environmental conditions encountered in earth orbit.
All parameters and sample were taken just before stimulated microgravity were followed before HDT, throughout the time course of the HDT experiment, and during recovery.
Rob Jorstad, a physics instructor at Allan Hancock College, in Santa Maria, Calif., will use his experience taking a zero-gravity flight to relate the physics of microgravity to students in his classes, some of whom plan to work in the aerospace industry.
Researchers from these and other fields gathered in Tomar, Portugal in August 2005 for the sixth in the series of conferences Interdisciplinary Transport Phenomena in Microgravity and Space Sciences.
Jemison, an avid dancer, tried dancing in this microgravity environment.