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A very small, specialized habitat, such as a clump of grass or a space between rocks.
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(Environmental Science) ecology the smallest part of the environment that supports a distinct flora and fauna, such as a fallen log in a forest
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(ˌmaɪ kroʊˈhæb ɪˌtæt)

an extremely localized, small-scale environment, as a tree stump or a dead animal.
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'The long-term drying trends that are increasing tree mortality in pinon-juniper woodlands may decrease the availability of this critical lizard microhabitat."
Abundance and microhabitat use by the frog Platymantis hazelae (Anura: Ceratobatrachidae)
In order to address the possibility of interspecific competition between these three species and to improve our understanding of observed patterns of habitat partitioning, our research aimed to answer these questions: (1) whether each species evolved its own microhabitat selection strategy based on their relative overall distribution; (2) which ecological factors affect the microhabitat separation of these species; and (3) how can we develop more appropriate management and conservation strategies for species co-coexistence and community diversity?
South Korea's Jeon Go-woon's Microhabitat portrays a resourceful, couch-surfing woman, while Japan's Okita Shuichi's Mori, the Artist's Habit is a comic look at a 30-year recluse.
Microhabitat selection is important for small ectothermic animals including insects (Ahnesjo and Forsman 2006, Gardiner and Hassall 2009), and for herbivores with specific diets (including those that sequester unpalatable chemicals from plants for their own protection against predators; Sword et al.
The microhabitat and active temperature range were more important for the thermal adaptation to higher ambient temperature in lizards than were their relative geographic locations.
En este contexto, organismos como los anfibios responden con variadas estrategias reproductivas, fisiologicas y conductuales encaminadas a la seleccion y uso de los recursos, entre los que destacan el microhabitat y el alimento (Acuna-Vargas, 2016), y de manera intrinseca con sus periodos de actividad diarios y estacionales (Vitt & Caldwell, 2014; Williams-Leon de Castro & Rey-Sanchez, 2014; Luja et al., 2016).
For each individual spider sighting, the following parameters were recorded: date, time, tree individual, tree species, species of the spider, sex, instar, height above ground using a measuring tape (to the nearest 0.1 m), microhabitat (for categories, see Fig.
Another film attracting attention is Jeon Go-woon's whimsical feature "Microhabitat" that follows a young woman (Esom) who is unable to afford a roof over her head when the prices of cigarettes goes up.
peruviana to even short periods of exposure to air illustrates the importance of microhabitat selection for these snails at or after metamorphosis.
The Channel had more eelgrass than other available habitats but was also the coolest microhabitat, with temperatures below what M.
Few studies have examined the importance of vegetation composition and structure changes at the microhabitat scale in assessing effectiveness of protected areas.

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