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Injection of minute amounts of a substance into a microscopic structure, such as a single cell.

mi′cro·in·ject′ (-jĕkt′) v.
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vb (tr)
(Microbiology) to inject (a substance, esp a single living cell) using a microscope
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As early as the 1990s, researchers attempted to microinject ACA into mouse eggs, which led to disorders of chromosomal movement and segregation [8].
* PALM Robot-CombiSystem combines the cutting ability of the Robot-MicroBeam with the manipulation capabilities of the Robot-MicroTweezers, allowing a user to handle a small object by optical tweezers and simultaneously cut, microsurgically process, or microinject the trapped specimen.
The phrase "transgenic rescue with wild-type and mutant construct" means that researchers can microinject various plasmids to see whether the sequences can rescue the mutant phenotypes to understand whether some genetic variants retain wild-type function or not.
But straightforward microinjection won't work with plant cells, because "it's pretty hard to microinject through a tough cell wall," says Michael Berns, director of the Beckman Institute, who has done extensive research on laser microsurgery.
Gain- and loss-of-function assays to study the roles of specific genes work well in Crepidula fornicata because at any stage of development its eggs and embryos are easy to microinject with synthetic RNAs and morpholinos.
Then the researchers use the proprietary technique to microinject the hybrid strands of DNA into fertilized eggs.
A 10 f l Hamilton gas tight syringe (Cat# 7653-01; Hamilton Company, Reno, NV) with compression fitting adapters (Cat# 55750-01; Hamilton Company) and a pulled glass micropipette (outer diameter 50 [micro]m) was used to microinject 2 [micro]l of cell suspension (2.5 x [10.sup.4] cells/ul) or F12/DMEM vehicle (ThermoFisher) into the lateral ventricle (1.0 mm to the right of bregma and -1.75 mm deep).
To determine whether the microtubule-based motor protein, kinesin, has any role in oil droplet movement, we are planning experiments in which we will microinject anti-kinesin antibodies (Ingold et al., 1988) into medaka eggs.
Regulated expression of microinjected DNA in adult Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.
Generating transgenic mice using oocyte pronuclear DNA microinjection includes five basic steps: purification of transgenic construct, harvesting donor zygotes, microinjection of transgenic construct, implantation of microinjected zygotes into pseudo-pregnant recipient mice, and genotyping of transgene expression in founder mice (3).
Approximately, 2nL of a 1-mM [RNA-seq and quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR)] or 1.5-mM (cartilage morphometrics and hemorrhage screen) solution of slincR MO and control MO were microinjected into the yolk at the one-cell stage.
(19) reported that ghrelin microinjected into the paraventricular nucleus increased propulsive colonic motor activity, as indicated by shortened colonic transit time in rats, and this suggests that the effect of ghrelin on colonic motility is mediated via central hypothalamic mechanisms.