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Injection of minute amounts of a substance into a microscopic structure, such as a single cell.

mi′cro·in·ject′ (-jĕkt′) v.


(Microbiology) an injection carried out using a microscope, esp an injection into a single living cell
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The equipment used in this work was consisted of an 80 ton injection-molding machine (KM80SP180CX, Krauss-Maffei, Germany), a microinjection compression mold equipped with a temperature control apparatus, and a flexible insert.
17) In addition, a microinjection of acetylcholine caused a depressor effect with no significant effects on heart rate.
sup][4],[5],[6] It had been reported that ectopic expression of NuMA, including interference of NuMA by microinjection of its antibodies,[sup][7] mutations at the spherical domains at the amino or carboxyl terminal domains,[sup][5] and overexpression of NuMA,[sup][8] would bring on aberrant spindles, such as multipolar spindles.
The oocytes were incubated in microdrops of M16 medium (M7292; Sigma-Aldrich, USA) containing 200 [micro]M IBMX covered with mineral oil (Sage, USA) at 37[degrees]C under 5% CO2 in atmosphere until microinjection was conducted.
The global transfection technologies market segmentation is based on transfection methods (instrument based method, electroporation, biolistic technology, microinjection, laserfection, reagent based method, lipid mediated transfection, calcium phosphate, catonic polymers, DEAE-dextran, activated dendrimers, magnetic beads, virus based method), and its applications (biomedical research, transgenic models, cancer research, gene and protein expression studies, cell based microarrays for drug discovery and development, therapeutic delivery, biotherapeutics, electro-chemotherapy and electro-immunotherapy, protein production).
based MTD Micro Molding, a provider of microinjection molding for the medical device industry, has invested in additional capacity in their in-house tooling and molding departments with the purchase of new equipment and upgrades.
Microinjection method: Microinjection method has been used successfully in the production of transgenic fish and is a commonly used technique due to its simplicity and reliability [7].
Another interesting aspect regarding TA reported in literature is its effectiveness as topical as well as localized intradermal microinjection for melasma.
The mRNA format is used for multiplexed screening of gRNA sequences, applications that need delivery by microinjection and easier dosage optimisation of Cas9 protein to gRNA in the cell.
The direct transmission of movement in all directions gives a "real-time feeling," and makes the instrument an ideal platform for a range of applications, including microinjection and manipulation of suspension cells such as oocytes and blastocysts.
However, other studies using microinjection have found that both DA receptor agonists and antagonists can reduce voluntary alcohol intake in animal models.