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Simply visit http://www.kiva.org/invitedto/accountants_for_social_good/by/emofund to help ASG surpass their goal of 5,000 loans and get involved in microlending.
Kiva Arab Youth is a new initiative of Silatech and Kiva, the world's largest microlending platform.
Several microlending programs help small business owners access small amounts of capital from $1,000 up to $50,000.
7 -- Online microlending social enterprise, Milaap.org is teaming up with renewable energy venture, ONergy to launch an innovative microfinance project.
Experts discussed a range of topics including energy, agriculture, telecommunications, travel, trade, real estate and microlending.
Microlending is certainly a useful supplement to tested anti-poverty policy instruments - and one that pays an extra dividend insofar as it aids women.
The founder of an international microlending bank, which has a United States affiliate that was considering opening a federal credit union in North Carolina, is in the middle of an internal power struggle.
But Olopade makes a fresh point: That the Foundation's biggest weakness may be its traditional, grant-based approach to do-gooderism, which mostly ignores microlending, 'social entrepreneurship' and other market-oriented approaches to charity."
IFC's support includes an advisory services package in institution-building, developing a corporate strategy, and mentoring of senior management.The microfinance institutions experienced explosive growth over the past few years and need to complement intensive growth with improved financial management, risk management, internal audit and control, and investor relations."This initiative is a part of IFC's global strategy to support commercial viability of microlending organizations," said Rolf Behrndt, IFC Senior Operations Officer for Investment Climate Advisory Services in Europe and Central Asia.
Future donations will help us not only assist the entrepreneurs, but also build a full-blown educational experience for our students by creating a STUDENT FELLOWS PROGRAM, permitting enrolled students to travel to the areas that benefit from the disbursed loans and to see the impact of microlending to the poor first-hand.
I describe the HealthStore Foundation program as a "microfranchise" model, because this model shares many of tile unique characteristics of the microlending efforts led by the Grameen Bank.
In Pokuase, a town of about 30,000 people outside the capital city of Accra, a microlending organization called the Women's Trust had set up a program to offer scholarships so young women can stay in school.