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n. Archaeology
A very small blade made of flaked stone and used as a tool, especially in the European Mesolithic Period.

mi′cro·lith′ic (-lĭth′ĭk) adj.
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(Archaeology) archaeol a small Mesolithic flint tool which was made from a blade and formed part of hafted tools
ˌmicroˈlithic adj
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(ˈmaɪ krə lɪθ)

a very small stone tool made from a sharp blade-shaped piece of stone and used as the working part of a composite tool or weapon, esp. in Mesolithic times.
mi`cro•lith′ic, adj.
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1. a very small isotropic needlelike crystal, found usually in volcanic rocks.
2. a very small stone tooi or part of a tool, as a tooth of a primitive saw. — microlithic, adj.
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A small prehistoric flint tool.
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The standard model recognizes five stages or modes of ancient stone tool making: pebble, biface, core, blade, and microlith. (65) Dwight Read and Sander van der Leeuw have proposed a correlating conceptual schema of seven cognitive advances.
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Coastal erosion is indeed eating away at this rock where Mesolithic or middle Stone Age microlith flint tools have been found.
2) Forty-six archeological sites of Microlith were discovered and several thousand different types of samples were collected;
Microlith pigment preparations prepared from high-grade pigments for acrylic and vinyl applications.
Apart from amorphous retouched pieces and fragments of retouched artefacts, identifiable implements include a burren adze slug (J2/1), a tula adze and a geometric microlith (both J2/2).