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n. microlitiasis, pequeñas concreciones excretadas en ciertos órganos.
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150-152) Germ cell neoplasia in situ is also associated with microlithiasis (although this finding is nonspecific), (153) which may partially account for the scrotal ultrasound irregularities that are often seen in testes with GCNIS.
Benign lesions that were histopathologically diagnosed included mature teratoma, adenomatoid tumour, granulomatous orchitis, chronic orchitis, epididim-orchitis, epididymal cyst, Leydig cell tumour, Sertoli cell tumour, fibrous pseudotumour, tunica albugenia cyst, epidermal cyst, leiomyoma, fibroma, juvenile granulosa cell tumour, granulomatous epididymitis, and microlithiasis with epididymal abscess.
In our study, testicular microlithiasis was encountered in 6% cases.
Since microlithiasis can be a marker of MAS in male patients, suspicious cases should be evaluated in this aspect (8).
Pulmonary Alveolar Microlithiasis (PAM) is a rare disease of unknown etiology, characterized by the formation and accumulation of laminated calcispherites in the alveoli.
Other less common causes of acute pancreatitis, such as biliary microlithiasis and autoimmune pancreatitis, could therefore be ruled out.
Clinical and metabolic features of urolithiasis and microlithiasis in children.
Pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis (PAM) is a rare pulmonary disease in which there is deposition of calcium phosphate microliths within the alveoli.
Although inconsistently seen, a crazy-paving pattern predominating in the mid- to lower-lung zones with extensive high-attenuating "interstitial" opacities suggests pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis.
Pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis after Varicella zoster infection in a patient presenting with antiphospholipid syndrome and discoid lupus.
Childhood idiopathic hypercalciuria: clinical significance of renal calyceal microlithiasis and risk of calcium nephrolithiasis.