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n. Archaeology
A very small blade made of flaked stone and used as a tool, especially in the European Mesolithic Period.

mi′cro·lith′ic (-lĭth′ĭk) adj.
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Ten sagaies in this collection have longitudinal grooves, presumably most or all used for the mounting of microlithic elements, six of which also have more clearly decorative engravings.
A number of other undated sites with microlithic tool assemblages have also been identified in both coastal and inland areas that were frequented by fisher-foragers as the Younger Dryas climatic event brought on colder, drier conditions and diminished resource availability in the Levant.
Microlithic technology in northern Asia: A risk-minimizing strategy of the late Paleolithic and early Holocene.
These are equigranular rocks, mainly with doleritic textures but in some cases with microlithic or fluidal microlithic textures.
Mafic igneous rocks with microlithic to intergranular texture are ubiquitous but less abundant than more felsic compositions.