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n. Archaeology
A very small blade made of flaked stone and used as a tool, especially in the European Mesolithic Period.

mi′cro·lith′ic (-lĭth′ĭk) adj.
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Among the latter, side-retouched flakes and wedges--mainly in layer 11--predominate, whereas only one microlithic tool was found: a backed bladelet from layer 11.
Microlithic technology in northern Asia: A risk-minimizing strategy of the late Paleolithic and early Holocene.
Cardial and comb decorated sherds, as well as a mainly microlithic industry made of exogenous flint have been found associated with a flimsy dwelling structure on what seems to have been a temporary shelter.
These are equigranular rocks, mainly with doleritic textures but in some cases with microlithic or fluidal microlithic textures.
Mafic igneous rocks with microlithic to intergranular texture are ubiquitous but less abundant than more felsic compositions.
Fine-grained grain-supported silcrete is the dominant artefact lithology because of its excellent flaking quality: it is sufficiently versatile to make flake scrapers and retouched microlithic tools.
Regarding the study of tools of Microlith in Tibet, many scholars have already given extensive details on them, assuming that Tibet's Microlithic or Mesolithic age began somewhat late.