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A device for manipulating minute instruments and needles under a microscope in order to perform delicate procedures, such as microsurgery.

mi′cro·ma·nip′u·la′tion n.
mi′cro·ma·nip′u·la′tive adj.
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Telecontrolled micromanipulator system (NeuRobot) for minimally invasive neurosurgery.
Each sperm is picked up with a needle and injected directly into the egg with a micromanipulator. The eggs then fertilize and divide.
The driver was then cemented onto a steel bar, which was mounted on a micromanipulator. Figure 2 shows a view of the assembled probe.
No.2 MPM Multi-Probe Micromanipulator from New Scale Technologies
We used a 30-gauge micro syringe (Hamilton Co., Bonaduz, Switzerland) with a micromanipulator for the injection.
The depth was assessed by measuring the vertical movement of the tip of a patch pipette with a micromanipulator whose knob was equipped with a Vernier scale (or nonius).
Displacement amplitudes were measured by a Laser-Doppler Velocimeter (LDV) with a micromanipulator (OFV-5000, HLV-MM30, Polytec, Germany) mounted on a surgical microscope (OPMI-1, Zeiss, Germany).
The TransferMan 4m micromanipulator features a DualSpeed joystick and functions to help speed up and facilitate the handling of sensitive samples.
Hydraulic micromanipulator is projected to be the fastest growing segment during the forecast period.
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