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The study of weather conditions on a small scale, as in the area immediately around a building, smokestack, or mountain.

mi′cro·me′te·or′o·log′i·cal (-ôr′ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl, -ər-ə-) adj.
mi′cro·me′te·or·ol′o·gist n.


(Physical Geography) the study of the layer of air immediately above the earth and of small-scale meteorological processes
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Hansen explores many aspects of wildfires, from the history of the national parks and development of forest management techniques to the most up-to-date computer models of fire behavior and micrometeorology.
To study the impact of climate change on ecosystem functioning and services, and regional circulation and precipitation patterns, the continuously operated backbone infrastructure of the TERENO-preAlpine observatory includes ecosystem-atmosphere flux stations along an elevation gradient, micrometeorology and boundary layer sounding systems, and a hydrometeorological mesoscale network with precipitation-gauge transects and a rain radar (Fig.
The proposed programme is interdisciplinary and the expected results will touch in particular the environmental sciences, limnology, biogeochemistry and micrometeorology research communities.
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An introduction to radiation environment transitions into a detailed treatment of microclimatology; further chapters on heat, momentum, and mass transfer, help the reader focus further, and lead into a discussion of micrometeorology.
This study represents an updated review of the recent and ongoing research carried out by the TROPA (TROPical Atlantic variability) group, which belongs to the consolidated UCM research group Micrometeorology and Climate Variability in the Geophysics and Meteorology department of the Complutense University of Madrid.
Micrometeorology temperature differentiation through urbanization.
As luck, micrometeorology and an unexpected tailwind worked out, I found myself "fatter" in fuel than expected when it was time to start down for the fuel stop.
New publications in 2005 include Soil Wetting Agents, a turfgrass CD-ROM set; Roots and Soil Management: Interactions between Roots and the Soil; Phosphorus: Agriculture and the Environment; Micrometeorology in Agricultural Systems; and Chemical Processes of Soils (an SSSA Book Series Publication).
However, to our knowledge, few have used micrometeorology to achieve temporal emissions integration (Wagner-Riddle et al.