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Measurement of minute objects with a micrometer.

mi′cro·met′ric (mī′krō-mĕt′rĭk), mi′cro·met′ri·cal (-rĭ-kəl) adj.
mi′cro·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
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(maɪˈkrɒm ɪ tri)

the act or method of taking measurements with a micrometer.
mi•cro•met•ri•cal (ˌmaɪ kroʊˈmɛ trɪ kəl) mi`cro•met′ric, adj.
mi`cro•met′ri•cal•ly, adv.
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Noun1.micrometry - measuring with a micrometer
measurement, measuring, mensuration, measure - the act or process of assigning numbers to phenomena according to a rule; "the measurements were carefully done"; "his mental measurings proved remarkably accurate"
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According the micrometry the mean area of calcification was high (47.5 +- 16.5) in abruption patients compared to controls (39.3 +- 23.6).
Micrometry of representative samples revealed that this kind of cercaria measured an average body size of 28 [micro]m x 12 [micro]m and an average tail size of 25 [micro]m x 4 [micro]m.
A total of 1,470 coccinellid specimens were collected from all types of vegetation and were identified up to species level by means of external morphology, published descriptions and male genitalia micrometry. Nine species were identified belonging to 9 genera and 4 subfamilies occurring along with 10 trophic associations.
Entire and spherical oocytes showing sectioned nucleus, histologically, were measured by an ocular micrometry to identify the four stages of the oocyte development (I, II, III and IV).
The authors thank to CONICET (PIP11220120100543CO), UBA(UBACYT 20620110100007), ANPCYT (PICT 2010-1372), Centro de Microscopia Eletronica (UFPR) for the micrographs taken in this study; to the Fish Biology Laboratory of the Centro de Estudos do Mar for providing an ocular lens for micrometry.
Micrometry and micrography was done for technical description of the unknown culture (Fig.
Pollen size was calculated by micrometry. The specimens were submitted in the herbarium of the Department of Botany, Punjabi University, Patiala.