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 (mī′krō-mĭn′ē-chə-rīz′, -mĭn′ə-)
tr.v. mi·cro·min·i·a·tur·ized, mi·cro·min·i·a·tur·iz·ing, mi·cro·min·i·a·tur·iz·es
To construct (devices) on an extremely small scale. Used especially of electronic circuitry.

mi′cro·min′i·a·tur·i·za′tion (-chər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(ˌmaɪkrəʊˌmɪnɪtʃəraɪˈzeɪʃən) or


(Electronics) the production and application of very small semiconductor components and the circuits and equipment in which they are used
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Therefore, it is an effective method for the microminiaturization of flow induced vibration energy harvesting device.
Advancements in ceramic, MLO and tantalum technology permit these materials to begin to address the challenging design demands of microminiaturization and embedding.
It may be seen that effect of [C.sub.m] may be compensated by absorbing its value in C since both are grounded [25], an attractive feature for microminiaturization. The noninverting input signal is also slightly altered; in practice, however, the deviation is quite negligible as we observed during the experimental verification.
Computational power is increased due to the rapid development of the microprocessors and the advancement of the microminiaturization.
The basic stages of this process are: 1) development of large calculable complexes, which were used for the decision of tasks, and was characterized by centralization of calculable functions (computer centers); 2) development of the personal computer systems due to achievements of microelectronics and microminiaturization (decentralization of performance functions of computer centers and development of the workstations built after the of principle structure of computer centers); 3) association of calculable powers of individual calculable machines with application of telecommunications technologies (integration of calculable powers).
Microminiaturization is the answer to making smaller and smaller devices do bigger and bigger things.
Micro parallel robots are good candidates for microminiaturization into a microdevice.
One of the organizers, Motorola Labs director of microminiaturization technologies Dr.
Microminiaturization: Technology in the palm of your hand.
Microelectromechanical systems, micromanufacturing, and nanotechnology could provide an exponential leap in microminiaturization for weapons, sensors and platforms.