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 (mī′krō-mĭn′ē-chə-rīz′, -mĭn′ə-)
tr.v. mi·cro·min·i·a·tur·ized, mi·cro·min·i·a·tur·iz·ing, mi·cro·min·i·a·tur·iz·es
To construct (devices) on an extremely small scale. Used especially of electronic circuitry.

mi′cro·min′i·a·tur·i·za′tion (-chər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˌmaɪkrəʊˈmɪnɪtʃəˌraɪz) or


vb (tr)
(Electronics) to produce a very small version of (a component, etc)


(ˌmaɪ kroʊˈmɪn i ə tʃəˌraɪz, -ˈmɪn ə-)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
(esp. of electronic equipment) to manufacture in an extremely small size.
mi`cro•min`i•a•tur•i•za′tion, n.
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As technology proliferates and microminiaturizes it becomes biocompatible in both scale and substance and is incorporated as a component of the body.
Nanotechnology microminiaturizes electronic and mechanical devices to molecular scale dimensions in order to achieve advanced performance while photonics addresses the transmission of information on beams of laser light rather than in conventional wire circuits.