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tr.v. mi·cron·ized, mi·cron·iz·ing, mi·cron·iz·es
To reduce to particles that are only a few microns in diameter.
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(ˈmaɪkrəʊˌnaɪz) or


vb (tr)
(Chemical Engineering) to reduce (a material) to a very fine powder, esp to particles only a few microns in diameter
ˌmicroniˈzation, ˌmicroniˈsation n
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"This will enhance our capabilities and broaden our offering to the market in areas including milling and micronisation, and solid state chemistry services.
Head of Drug Substance Development Division | Developing chemical Engineer | Director and Regulatory Manager Pharmaceuticals | Director Global EHS Technical Operations | Director of Containment & Micronisation | Head of Launch Preparation and Coordination | Head of Manufacturing | President / CEO | Principle Scientist | Principal Scientific Manager, Small Molecule Process Chemistry | Senior Formulation Scientist | Senior Scientific Advisor
Is micronisation the way forward for inhaled delivery?--the changing shape of test article powder formulations.
The data indicated that micronisation of the API has a negative effect on the stability of FA, as demonstrated by the higher levels of impurities observed in this material as compared to the nonmicronised API.
With the addition of this site, the company expands its capacity for manufacturing highly potent compounds, and adds capabilities to support solid-state chemistry, micronisation, and eventually, commercial spray drying.
In fact, with the micronisation of electronics and LEDs, a number of elements can be encapsulated in LED products.
Micronisation of chicken manure is necessary for an efficient filtration of the suspended particles by daphnids.
Individual toll processing solutions are designed to meet your present and evolving toll processing needs including handling multi-tonne lots or ultra small batch processing; production of materials requiring processing in a contained environment; food products processed within BRC accredited suites and micronisation and classification of materials to sub-micron size.
26 July 2012 - Swiss private equity company Cross Equity Partners AG said it had taken over a majority stake in local micronisation specialist Micro-Macinazione SA without providing financial details.