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tr.v. mi·cron·ized, mi·cron·iz·ing, mi·cron·iz·es
To reduce to particles that are only a few microns in diameter.
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(ˈmaɪkrəʊˌnaɪz) or


vb (tr)
(Chemical Engineering) to reduce (a material) to a very fine powder, esp to particles only a few microns in diameter
ˌmicroniˈzation, ˌmicroniˈsation n
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Galaxy said hot commissioning and operation of the microniser and packaging plants had been completed.
'Some units at the back end of the plant - such as the packaging plant and microniser - were already mechanically complete and handed over to Galaxy for commissioning.
These are then flattened through heated rollers and toasted on a continuous microniser. The considerable heat involved in this process dries the flakes and, as well as building in flavour, also ensures that the final product has a low diastatic activity that is necessary for use in bakery products manufactured under normal bread production methods.
Galaxy said some parts of the plant, like the packaging and microniser units, had already been cold commissioned ahead of schedule.
During the quarter, orders were placed for kilns, rotary coolers, product dryers, ball mill, centrifuges, crystalliser, microniser, tanks and bins, air compressors, cooling towers and wet process installation.
- The kilns, coolers, dryers, microniser and ball mill package contracts have also been awarded.