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tr.v. mi·cron·ized, mi·cron·iz·ing, mi·cron·iz·es
To reduce to particles that are only a few microns in diameter.


(ˈmaɪkrəʊˌnaɪz) or


vb (tr)
(Chemical Engineering) to reduce (a material) to a very fine powder, esp to particles only a few microns in diameter
ˌmicroniˈzation, ˌmicroniˈsation n
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The contract processing facility at Hosokawa Micron's Runcorn site is able to handle processing of a wide variety of food products from single process to complete multi processing solutions involving milling, micronising, mixing, classification, agglomeration and packing.
During March 2012, the back end of the Plant - including purification, filtration, drying, micronising, and packaging plants - operated on a continuous basis, with product recycled back to the process.
The new schedule indicates that the back half of the Jiangsu plant - which includes purification, drying, micronising and bagging will be completed with commissioning to commence during Q3 2011.
The novel technology with low capital investment costs, reduced energy consumption and potential for closed loop waste recycling offers a cost effective solution to conventional micronising techniques and meets customer demand for ever finer particles and for spherical particles with their inherently unique flow properties, colour intensity and mixing characteristics.