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tr.v. mi·cron·ized, mi·cron·iz·ing, mi·cron·iz·es
To reduce to particles that are only a few microns in diameter.


(ˈmaɪkrəʊˌnaɪz) or


vb (tr)
(Chemical Engineering) to reduce (a material) to a very fine powder, esp to particles only a few microns in diameter
ˌmicroniˈzation, ˌmicroniˈsation n
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Electron microscopy of cereal grains : Micronizing barley greatly increased the resistance of protein in the endosperm to digestion.
The Micron-Master[R] Jet Pulverizer sanitary milling system is designed for micronizing pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and other USDA and FDA regulated compounds.
Jetfine[R] talcs have been developed using proprietary, micronizing technology which produces highly lamellar talcs with a high specific surface area.
Mogensen Raw Materials Handling, suppliers of vibratory feeders to the Micronizing Company UK Ltd of Framlingham, Suffolk for 20 years, has recently delivered its 100th machine to the company.
These innovative products have been developed through a carefully controlled level of micronizing and surface-coating technologies, which have made Tayca a leading producer of titanium dioxide products.