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1. A photograph requiring magnification for viewing.
2. A photograph on microfilm.

mi′cro·pho′to·graph′ic adj.
mi′cro·pho·tog′ra·pher (-fə-tŏg′rə-fər) n.
mi′cro·pho·tog′ra·phy (-rə-fē) n.


(ˌmaɪkrəʊˈfəʊtəˌɡrɑːf; -ˌɡræf)
1. (Photography) a photograph in which the image is greatly reduced and therefore requires optical enlargement for viewing purposes
2. (Photography) a less common name for microcopy, photomicrograph1
ˌmicroˌphotoˈgraphic adj
microphotography n


(ˌmaɪ krəˈfoʊ təˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf)

2. a small photograph requiring optical enlargement to render it visible in detail.
mi`cro•pho`to•graph′ic (-ˈgræf ɪk) adj.
mi`cro•pho•tog′ra•phy (-kroʊ fəˈtɒg rə fi) n.
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John Benjamin Dancer, a twenty year-old instrument maker and optician, installed a microscope lens onto a camera and succeeded in creating a microphotograph onto a daguerreotype (silver coated copper) plate at a reduction ratio of 160:1.
The comparative analysis on diameters of gametic cell stages from diploid and tetraploid Catarina scallop indicated that cell size was significantly larger in tetraploids than in diploids for all oogenic and spermatogenic stages (Table 1), corroborating the microphotograph observations.
Caption: Figure 4: (a and b) Microphotograph of blood vessels shows the presence of collected foamy histiocyte (long arrow), lymphocytes attached, and involve the tunica interna.
Bentley made the first microphotograph of a snow crystal in 1885.
A microphotograph was attached to the flat surface and the lens was mounted in a souvenir, such as a cross or mini binoculars.
Remarks: Granulate nature of exine is not discernible in the microphotograph provided; however it is only detectable under oil immersion objective upon careful L O analysis.
a) Microphotograph showing perifollicular and perivascular non-caseating granulomas composed of epithelioid cells and lymphocytes in the dermis (H&E X 10).
Microphotograph (magnification 40x) showing poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma (shown by an arrow).
Since the ring VCO was sent for fabrication, a microphotograph of the prototype, fabricated using standard 0.
Figure 8 presents a microphotograph of Ca-alg sphere homogeneously loaded with iron microparticles (size of iron particles was a few microns).
The microphotograph of the proposed LC VCO is shown in Fig.