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1. A photograph requiring magnification for viewing.
2. A photograph on microfilm.

mi′cro·pho′to·graph′ic adj.
mi′cro·pho·tog′ra·pher (-fə-tŏg′rə-fər) n.
mi′cro·pho·tog′ra·phy (-rə-fē) n.
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The microphotography was taken with a Nikon Coolpix 4300 digital camera coupled to an Olympus (Tokyo, Japan) B941 microscope.
Digital photography and processing: The sections were observed and selected for microphotography (100 and 400x) at microscope (M400-D) connected with digital camera (BUC2-500C Bestscope).
During World War II, microphotography became a tool for espionage, and for carrying military mail, and soon there was a recognition that massive archives of information and cross-referencing gave agencies an advantage.
In microphotography a whole new world is found to exist inside another." (5) This type of "freeze-framing" of an event facilitates an intensified observation and interpretation of social and cultural characteristics that allow us to tune into the dialectic between inner and outer life-worlds in human experience.
The morphology of the produced gelatin particles was analyzed by microphotography using the Stereoscopic Zoom Microscope (Nikon SMZ800, Japan).
Microphotography of V[O.sub.2] obtained by thermal degradation [(N[H.sub.4]).sub.2][V.sub.4][O.sub.9] at 900[degrees]C for 10 minutes with a particle size of 80 ...
Bone marrow smears were stained with Giemsa method, a myelogram was counted using SA3300S microscope and digital microphotography by immersion (magnification 7 x 100), 500 cells on each smear, and then the relative amount of each type of bone marrow cells was converted into absolute values per one femoral-bone.
For the TEM gonad sample, the Kit Embed 812 Electron Microscopy Sciences was used following the manufacturer instructions, and 900 [Angstrom] slices were obtained with an ultramicrotome (Model OMU3; Reicher), mounted and stained, and microphotography was carried out with JEOL JEM-1200EXII TEM.
Giar-Ann Kung assisted LHG with the SEM microphotography at LACM, made possible by NSF grant #DBI-0216506.