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Any of various minute plants or other photosynthetic organisms, such as cyanobacteria and diatoms.

mi′cro·phyt′ic (-fĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Botany) an obsolete name for a bacterium
microphytic adj
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It also should be arranged in the arrangement that allowed the water in the open water zone to circulate through microphyte zone.
Algenol, using cyanobacteria animal algae instead of microphyte plant algae, and producing ethanol instead of lipids, recently announced it achieved 21.9 gal/acre-day of ethanol.
Assessment of erosion rates from microphyte dominated calcareous soils under rain-impacted flow.
This technique creates an easily suspendable material, MicroPhyte, which is suitable for both food and skin care products.
In this eutrophic sediment, with no light reaching the bottom sediments and thus no benthic microphyte production, ammonium release may reflect decomposition of newly settled organic matter (Valdemarsen et al.
A unique commercial form of sterols is Microphyte. "Microphyte is produced by a patented milling technology called vortex milling, allowing us to produce a small phytosterol particle with higher dispersability in liquids and spreads," said David Fondots, a vice president at Extracts & Ingredients, Ltd, Union, NJ, producer of Microphyte.