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a very small pore
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(ˈmaɪ krəˌpɔr, -ˌpoʊr)

a tiny opening, as in specialized biological filters or in the shells of some animals.
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Medek, J.: 1977, Possibility of micropore analysis of coal and coke from the carbon dioxide isotherm.
The system contains a multitude of data reduction methods and can be readily upgraded to perform micropore and chemisorption analyses.
Several models of soil water consider the soil as an active site for chemical, physical, and biological processes in a bimodal porous medium with micropore and macropore systems.
It eliminates nuisance alarms by using a small air intake fan to draw air and smoke into a photoelectric sensing chamber through a micropore filter, removing unwanted particulates and water mist.
Like conventional patches, the micropore patch can be used at various body sites.
While there, I had a dressing applied, a 2cm x 2cm impregnated dressing, a 10cm x 10cm Melolin covering dressing, 26cms of micropore adhesive tape, and about half a metre of tubigrip support bandage.
* Dynasolve 2000 amino-ethanol-based solvent is designed to clean micropore screens used in [CO.sub.2] foaming processes, which are often discarded once the PUR components have dried or cured.
* Remove mites and their allergens by regular vacuum cleaning (using HEPA or micropore bags) and washing.
Recently, new generation MicroPore gasket materials developed by Armstrong Industrial Specialties, Inc., Lancaster, Penn., have proven to be an effective alternative to metal gaskets and liquid sealants in a range of high-stress sealing applications, including flywheel housing gaskets, axle covers, front covers, rear seals and heavy-duty valve covers.
Micropore Technologies specialises in creating stable emulsions that can be used in a range of sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, personal care, food and drink, and even rocket fuel.
British Dai Hayward, chief executive of Micropore, said: "After years of patient technology and product development Micropore has proved its products and markets and is ready for rapid growth.