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a. Publishing involving very small print runs or individual volumes printed on demand.
b. Online publishing providing specialized information, often by subscription, to a limited readership.
2. Publishing by microform.

mi′cro·pub′lish·er n.


the publishing of material in microfilm
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But when Gregg mentioned he had experience with micropublishing companies that handled science-scripture books of this nature, Carol jumped at the opportunity and the two agreed to look into the matter.
But the latest collaboration from an iPad app and an Italian notebook design company is micropublishing at its finest.
Walt Crawford's The Librarian's Guide to Micropublishing capitalizes on this trend toward creative activity in libraries and describes a way to help users publish their writing in an innovative and economical way.
Laurent Villaume, CEO of French indie pressor QOL, will introduce micropublishing.
Crawford, a retired library systems analyst/programmer provides librarians and authors with a guide to micropublishing that explains how it works, the steps of book publishing and how micropublishing affects them, the tools and software needed (including low-cost options and no-cost service providers like Lulu and CreateSpace), and how community members can use print-on-demand services to publish various types of books that look similar to those published by trade publishers, from genealogy to local history to books by writing groups.
Author Walt Crawford describes the ease of micropublishing in a new release from Information Today, Inc.
Operating out of a space belonging to London's Architectural Association and using a stencil printer for small print runs, this micropublishing house is a one-stop shop: quick, affordable, nonhierarchical, and with a tendency toward self-exploitation and non-commercialism .
Self-publishing is unlikely to become more prestigious, but micropublishing is well suited to take advantage of the opportunities of the digital age.
According to Media Guerrilla Mike Manuel, more companies and organizations are beginning to use the medium as an easy form of micropublishing to a targeted and interested audience who can receive the updated information almost instantaneously.
Microform market place 1990-1991: an international directory of micropublishing.
Harary now applies his Hollywood savvy to getting clients coverage in Micropublishing Times, Wired and MacWeek.
Buehler provides special coverage of micropublishing requirements and a useful bibliography.