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1. Botany A minute opening in the ovule of a seed plant through which the pollen tube usually enters.
2. Zoology A pore in the membrane covering the ovum of some animals through which a spermatozoon can enter.

[micro- + Greek pulē, gate.]

mi′cro·py′lar adj.
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Adj.1.micropylar - of or relating to a micropylemicropylar - of or relating to a micropyle  
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1c), and in some of them, it was possible to observe the micropylar apparatus in the animal pole, consisted by the vestibule and micropylar channel (Fig.
The micropylar collar was prominent and continuous and presented a conspicuous micropylar disc (diameter: 20.4 [micro]m, thickness: 7.96 [micro]m; Figure 1C) at its centre; and the micropyle (diameter: 2.4 [micro]m) was observed in the centre of this disc (Figure 1D).
Peroxidase activity develops in micropylar endosperm of tomato seeds prior to radical protrusion.
Three eggs had their opercula detached and shells destroyed to allow examination and measurement of the operculum and internal micropylar plate.
cycadifolius entered the cones, and the dye (and hence the pollen) was subsequently detected on the micropylar ends of the ovules.
(2013) Sperm attractant in the micropylar region of fish and insect eggs.
Three cells (or nuclei) were grouped together at the micropylar end and constituted the egg apparatus (Fig.
According to earlier reports, hyphal entry occurs either from general seed surface, through embryonic rhizoids or from micropylar end (5,8,10,34,36,37,44,45).