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(ˌmaɪ kroʊ rɪˈlif)

surface features of the earth of small dimensions, commonly less than 50 ft. (15 m).
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The soil is classified as a Sodosol (Isbell 2002) or Solonetz (IUSS Working Group WRB 2015) and described as a texture-contrast soil with gilgai microrelief, an intermediate ironstone horizon of variable thickness and variable depth to the clay subsoil.
Both well-tolerated melatonin formulations were associated with significant improvements in surface microrelief, skin profilometry, tonicity, and dryness.
After the simulated cariogenic challenge, Group FUJI presented the greatest structural changes, with its matrix being degraded throughout the surface, denoting loss of load particles and protrusion of the remaining glass particles, observed in microrelief forms.
where [G.sub.M] is the weight of the vehicle (N); [v.sub.max] is the maximum speed on the highway (m/s); f is the coefficient of resistance to movement on the horizontal surface, depending on the quality and microrelief of the terrain and type of propulsion; k is the coefficient of flow around the body of the vehicle (N x [s.sup.2]/[m.sup.4]); F is the area of the frontal projection of the vehicle ([m.sup.2]); [[eta].sub.WG] is the efficiency of the mechanical wheel gear; [[eta].sub.CD] is the efficiency of the caterpillar propulsion, which at maximum speed is calculated by the formula
Considering a smaller scale, the microrelief can lead to a mosaic of soil and to a vegetation pattern in the understory (Beatty, 1984).
We propose to quantify this microrelief using the root mean square (RMS) standardized parameter Rq.
Orviku 1974; Raukas & Hyvarinen 1992), earlier investigations were not able to resolve microrelief over broad areas using high-accuracy altimetry data and therefore missed the patterns.
Lathe Turning of Complex Shaped Parts Providing Desired Surface Microrelief / Russian Engineering Research, 2016, Vol.
(iii) The fracture surface in I-notched specimens has brittle (quasi-brittle) "faceted" fracture relief (Figure 5(f)) and individual zones with ductile microrelief.
Guzha, "Effects of tillage on soil microrelief, surface depression storage and soil water storage," Soil and Tillage Research, vol.
The surfaces of the samples were leveled to minimize the effects of shading by microrelief or by the edge of the container.