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(ˌmaɪ kroʊ rɪˈlif)

surface features of the earth of small dimensions, commonly less than 50 ft. (15 m).
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They defined the roughness parameter as the product of the microrelief area index and the peak frequency and calculated surface area per unit length.
Celldetox smoothes skin microrelief on cheeks and improves the complexion of "intoxicated" skin, according to Silab.
The difference between the tundra and the understory of the lowland taiga is that the distribution of the plant and fungus cover is a discontinuous mosaic, and the moisture and the complex microrelief is irregularly distributed.
This innovative, natural active ingredient has a three-dimensional, high molecular weight configuration capable of adjusting perfectly to the skin's microrelief, of strongly and durably adhering to it and spreading to form a cohesive and continuous biological film with a lifting effect.
It is able to perfectly fit the skin microrelief thanks to its tri-dimensional and high molecular weight configuration.
Finally, the pronounced smoothing of scales and consequently the smoothing of the hair microrelief tended to decrease the hair scale length by 13.
It favors skin oxygenation, smoothes the microrelief and improves radiance and sluminosity.
After adsorption on the cutaneous lipids, our polymer immediately presents a visible effect by forming an immediate elastic film that is able to spread out on the skin surface and to smooth the microrelief.
5%; smooths the microrelief by reducing the mean stage of craw's feet wrinkles by 16.
Orviku 1974; Raukas & Hyvarinen 1992), earlier investigations were not able to resolve microrelief over broad areas using high-accuracy altimetry data and therefore missed the patterns.