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Noun1.microscopic field - the areas that is visible through a microscopemicroscopic field - the areas that is visible through a microscope
field of view, field - the area that is visible (as through an optical instrument)
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These possible complications, the microscopic field, and the complex anatomy of the middle ear are a cause of concern and indecision for young inexperienced surgeons [29-30].
Only one microscopic field included fibroblast-like spindle cells, few lymphoid cells and degenerated striated myocytes between them.
Grade 1--Fewer than 2 foci of elastic fragmentation in one microscopic field.
The values in tumoral tissue were between 0 and 13, and the mean MCC in each microscopic field was 3.
The increased sensitivity of the NaOCl method is attributable to the significantly higher density of bacilli per microscopic field obtained by this method and reduction of debris, leaving a clear field for microscopy.
The microscopic field represents the atomic-level EM field, where particles interact with the field from discrete charges.
It is necessary to capture several video frames as they transit the microscopic field of view, and this can sometimes be tens or hundreds of microseconds.
Two vessel excretions and observing inflammatory cells of the acute type more than 1/2 of microscopic field of vision with low magnification (10x) and tissue necrosis, Grade 1
HOT technology is based on optical trapping which works by using light to create microscopic "tweezers" that can manipulate particles in the microscopic field of view.
The intensity of infection was quantified before molecular analysis by scoring the number of oocysts counted per microscopic field (under a 20x objective) of 50-[micro]L volume of concentrated stool sample as + (1-5 oocysts), ++ (6-10 oocysts), +++ (11-15 oocysts), or ++++ (>15 oocysts).
Frozen images of the spinning microscopic field containing 20-50 cells were recorded onto Sony ED-Beta tape through an Olympus SLC Plan Fl 40 x (N.

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