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Noun1.microscopic field - the areas that is visible through a microscopemicroscopic field - the areas that is visible through a microscope
field of view, field - the area that is visible (as through an optical instrument)
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The qualitative examination method using dead or live bees followed to establish the levels of bees infestation: +++ numerous spores that occupy the entire microscopic field and in each microscopic field or massive infection (fig 1); ++ one or more spores in each microscopic field or moderate infection; + one or more spores, but not in each microscopic field or poor infection; - absence of spores or lack of infection.
These possible complications, the microscopic field, and the complex anatomy of the middle ear are a cause of concern and indecision for young inexperienced surgeons [29-30].
Only one microscopic field included fibroblast-like spindle cells, few lymphoid cells and degenerated striated myocytes between them.
The overall proportion of MP (based on the amount of MP per microscopic field and graded as low, medium, or high) was determined in H&E stained sections by an experienced pathologist.
Grade 1--Fewer than 2 foci of elastic fragmentation in one microscopic field.
Based on sporulation, isolates were grouped in to three groups as high sporulators (>40 conidia/microscopic field, viz.,isolates like Fo YAT, Fo NAR, Fo NES, Fo SOM and Fo ATH.) moderate sporulators(20-40 conidia/microscopic field, isolates like Fo BAI, Fo BAN, Fo YAD , Fo SHI, Fo KAV, Fo MADI, Fo GAN, Fo SUB and Fo NAG.) and low sporulatiors d"20 conidia/ microscopic field (viz., Fo GOV, Fo HEB, Fo KAM, Fo UPP, Fo HIR, Fo HIM, Fo HAN, Fo MAD and Fo IND)
Soukup et al., carried out cell counting by using stereology; Pullen (1977) performed direct counting of each type of fiber per microscopic field. In this research, image analysis was performed by measurements of areas based on regions of interest; this is as a practical and convenient method to recognize the specific zone to be evaluated.
1-2 organism per microscopic field are usually considered normal, if the sample is taken from normal harbouring areas like ear pinna and perianal areas.
The values in tumoral tissue were between 0 and 13, and the mean MCC in each microscopic field was 3.86+-2.72 (median: 3.2) (Figure-1).
The CgA cell density was quantified by computerized image analysis and by counting positive cells in a microscopic field. Measurements using computerized image analysis were performed on a computer linked to a microscope (BX 43, Olympus) equipped with a digital camera (DP 26, Olympus).
Intensity of invasion was 7 parasites per 100 microscopic field.
The increased sensitivity of the NaOCl method is attributable to the significantly higher density of bacilli per microscopic field obtained by this method and reduction of debris, leaving a clear field for microscopy.

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